The sludge thickening

Siljan Allards has manufactured and installed process equipment for water and waste water treament plants, since the 1960´s. Examples of products manufactured by Siljan Allard’s are:

Water treatment plants:

Sewage treatment plants:

Siljan Allard’s is currently one of Sweden’s biggest manufacturers of process equipment in stainless steel, for fresh water and waste water.

The sludge thickening specialist!

We have developed competitive products and have a high competence level on equipment for sludge treatment. Due to this we are able to offer one of the best systems for sludge thickening available on the market today. Especially when considering the combination of performance regarding: sludge thickening, minimizing of polymer consumption, ease of installation and operation.
The main components in our system are:

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Roto Master SF35 drum thickener

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