About Siljan Allards

The company Siljan Allards originates from Siljan Stainless, founded in 1952 in the county of Dalecarlia, Sweden, and Allards Verkstäder, founded in 1856 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

In 2004, Siljan Stainless merged with Allards Verkstäder, and in 2006 Siljan Stainless changed name to Siljan Allards.

Thermalloys was founded in 1999 and is since 2006 a 100 % owned Daughter Company to Siljan Allards.

Siljan Allards is located in the town of Rättvik in the county of Dalecarlia in large workshops suitable for its purposes.

Siljan Allards is specialized in the design and manufacturing of process equipment in stainless steel and special alloys. Shell & tube heat exchangers in carbon steel are also manufactured.

A large business area is repair work, including retubing, of heat exchangers and pressure vessels, in the industry as well as in power plants.

Our personnel are very skilled in all areas of importance for the quality and productivity of the products we are manufacturing.

We have a good capacity for thermal and mechanical design work.

The basis for the design and construction work is our long practical experience combined with the latest technique and modern and updated computer programs. This guarantees that our products meet every demand required.

We have a genuine knowledge about materials as well as of welding, plate forming, machining, mechanical properties, thermal properties, corrosion and surface treatment, a knowledge that is built in into the finished product.

All our work is performed according to the quality systems ISO 9001-2000 and 729-2.
We also work actively with the environmental system ISO 14001.

Siljan Allards AB, Phone +46-248-125 35 Fax +46(0)248-137 85
E-mail info@siljanallards.com


Kondensor(Ytterdiameter 1900mm) och kondensatkärl


Trumförtjockare, RotoMaster SF120

Högtemperatur komponenter