Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels, Process Vessels and Tanks.

Annually, Siljan Allards manufactures 200-300 stainless steel vessels for use as pressure vessels, reactors, columns, process vessels and tanks. These vessels are used in the following applications:

The vessels are always delivered in the pickled condition, to restore the corrosion resistance and surface condition after welding and plate forming. For some applications, e.g. the pharmaceutical, food and the chemical industry, the vessels can be supplied in the following conditions:

  1. With weldments ground to Ra< 0.8 my or finer
  2. Inner surface ground to Ra<0.8 my or finer
  3. As for 1 and 2 above, followed by electro polishing
  4. Both inner and outer surfaces according to alternatives 1-3

The size of the vessels can be between ca 10 liters and ca 150 cbm. Maximum size is: Length ca 30 meters, diameter ca 4 meters and weight ca 30 ton. Depending on the customer’s requirement and the application, vessels with a circular cross section can be supplied with a flat bottom, with a conical bottom or with a dished end as a bottom. Rectangular vessels can also be supplied. The vessels can be supplied with a stirrer, a steam shell, a cooling or heating coil or other equipment and can also be supplied with insulation. The vessels can e.g. be built in the following materials:

Design and manufacturing can be performed according to most international standards.

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